There are thousands of ageing, inefficient central heating systems with circulation and boiler noise problems in service today. This is caused by the natural corrosion process of radiators and other steel system components within a wet central heating system. Over time the forming of sludge occurs, sludge contains iron oxide (rust), lime scale deposits and other non-magnetic particles. The sludge is pushed around the heating system by the pump, coating everything in its path. Eventually the coating becomes so severe it will dramatically reduce the systems fuel efficiency, its ability to transfer heat to the radiators and can even block pipes completely. Traditional methods of flushing do not remove all the debris, and problems often quickly return.


What is powerflushing

Power flushing is a method in which central heating systems are forcibly cleaned using cleaning chemicals at high velocity, but low pressure, so no physical damage is caused to the system. The process involves connecting a machine in line with the heating system either at a radiator or pump connection meaning the whole system can be cleaned from one convenient connection point. The process is made even more effective with the addition of powerful inline magnetic filters to catch and remove the sludge as each radiator is cleaned, this process can be carried out on any age or type of wet central heating system. 

The symptoms of a system that would benifit from a powerflush

  • Frequent bleeding of radiators
  • Unpleasant smell when venting radiators
  • Black water when venting radiators
  • Cold spots in the middle of the radiators
  • Central heating system is slow to warm up
  • Combination boilers with hot water temperature stability problems
  • Unpleasant boiler noises like kettling and banging
  • Repeated feed pipe blockages
  • Feed and expansion tank in the loft full of brown rust like sludge
  • Repeated central heating pump failure
  • Repeated motorised valve failure
  • Pin hole leaks on radiators and pipe work

For a visual representation of system symptoms please refer to the attached PDF file below

Adobe Acrobat document [368.1 KB]

The benifits of powerflushing

  • Lower fuel bills due to more efficient central heating system
  • Savings of up to 25%*
  • Your home will heat up so much quicker
  • Your hot water cylinder will heat the hot water faster.
  • Increases system life of pipe work, radiators, controls and the boiler
  • Quieter boiler operation due to the removal of sludge and lime scale
  • Reduced breakdowns in the future 

*Dependant on the condition of the original system.

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