When the time comes for you to replace your boiler, look no further. We offer a professional experienced installation service.

With many fine details needing consideration when installing a new or replacement boiler, we will be able to consult you on all your options, with regards to what type, output, efficiency, size, location, warranty and cost of various makes of boilers. Whichever option you choose we will make sure it's installed alongside the very best controls to insure your boiler works as efficiently as it possibly can, whilst meeting the required building regulations.





Benifits of a new boiler

  • Small and compact size
  • More efficient heating systems
  • Lower running costs
  • Reduce your households carbon footprint & impact on the environment
  • Up to 5 years Manufactures warranty

Boiler types & the regulations

Boilers come in three main types in either natural gas or LPG and are all condensing.


  • Combination (Combi); this heats your hot water instantaneously and you have no hot water cylinder or cold water storage tanks (sealed system)


  • System; this contains a pump, bypass and expansion vessel integrally, there is no feed or expansion tank (sealed system)


  • Heat only; this is a tradional boiler, with a feed and expansion tank (open vent).


In 2005 the energy efficiency regulation part L of the building regulations stipulated that all new and replacement boilers would need to be:


  • High efficiency, this is why today we install condensing boilers, a condensing boiler transfers more of its heat energy to the heating system, when a condensing boilers flue gases start to condensate it is running at its most efficient transferring up to 91.3% of its energy to the heating system, old boilers would lose anything up to 35% of their input energy out of the flue system.


  • Existing systems, will require cleaning using chemicals prior to installing the new boiler, this is to stop contamination of the new boiler with existing system dirt, sludge in the form of iron oxide that sits in the radiators and pipe work of your heating system and could dramatically reduce the efficiency of a new boiler, for more information of system cleaning please refer to the power flushing page.


  • New and replacement systems will require efficient heating controls in the form of zoning of heating & hot circuits, with individual time and temperature controls, fully interlock to the boiler, this is to insure better controllability, as circuits that are not needed can easily be turned off, this will reduce the demand on the boiler and reduce fuel usage. For more information on heating controls please refer to the controls page.


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